The Kankariya Heritage is all set to bring to you the most luxurious and authentic living experience in Jodhpur. Your comfort, luxury is our only concern. We are a hospitality brand dedicated to create a Heritage Hotel experience for our guests and to take them closer to the natural beauty, grandeur, and history of Jodhpur. We are here to keep our guests for times to come. Rest assured, your luxury is in our hands. Kankariya Heritage offers the best of modern amenities with a touch of traditional Rajasthan. Our hotel is centrally located and has close proximity to all popular tourist attractions in Jodhpur.

Bishnoi Village Safari Jeep Tour

The Bishnoi Village Safari Jodhpur brings you the opportunity to explore the prominent village spots in Jodhpur. With this trip, you come across the village culture of Rajasthan and understand the lifestyle of people who live in a traditional way with their families. Besides, you get to encounter their working process and understand how they earn their living on a regular basis. In this tour you will witness Live Wildlife Area, Encounter deer and beautiful black bucks.

Time: 4 Hours

Distance From City: 35 KM

Osian Excursion

This ancient town around Jodhpur is one of the hidden gems in Rajasthan. Located at a distance of only 70 km from Jodhpur and also known as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”, it is a gem in the middle of the Thar Desert. The greatest attractions of this ancient town are the magnificent temples which are gorgeously complemented by the surrounding natural beauty of sand dunes. Enjoy Camel Safari, Desert Jeep Safari with Sunset View and Dinner of Rajasthani Authentic Food.

Tour Guide - City Tour

It is quite fun, having visited the fort and gazed over the blue city from its ramparts, to saunter down from the rear entrance, through the narrow and winding alleys of the ancient town and soak up the atmosphere, meet the locals, try some of the street food, shop for local souvenirs and take some great photos. 

Intercity Cab Services & Auto Rickshaw

We have smart travel options for you in the form of every single type of cab, luxurious cars, buses, minibuses, and minivans. You will get Affordable AC cars at your disposal at extremely reasonable prices. At Kankariya Heritage, you are assured of safety and security. Drivers are trained to take the safest, shortest route to make your journey a pleasurable experience

Yoga session

Get a new energy inside yourself by practicing original classical yoga (without a customized pattern) and meditation in the fresh morning air. If you want to cure any kind of specific chronic disease, a specially customized medical yoga facility is also available for you. Personal session provided by a senior yoga instructor.